Great External Resources

Learn X in Y Minutes
Basically a cheat sheet for most programming languages out there. A brilliant goto sheet.
Large resource of high quality programming exercises. Offers many languages.
A good five-cent cigar 2020-12-8 Archive
Observation on inflation and the industrial revolution. This one changed the way I see the world.
High quality practice problems for Clojure. With dilligence, this is the fastest way to develop your Clojure brain.
Project RHO’s Atomic Rockets
I don’t think I’ve ever found a cooler site than this. It takes a retro-scifi approach to exploring any type of deep space travel, as well as evaluating the technology involved.
Imagine playing a videogame in 4D. As in four spatial dimensions. Just watch the trailer.
Secure your IOT things or you’ll end up here

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