Lightcubes, Game of Life

October 2022

Using Blender + Python to render a super aesthetic Conway's Game of Life.

Laser Projector Simulation in Clojure

September 2022

A simulation of a laser projector that has a raytracing engine (written by me!)

Symposium Futura

May 2022

A decentralized blog hosted on a smart contract, a project for the DFINITY Supernova Hackathon

Python Challenges Charity

December 2020

Intermediate Python challenges to help children in Uganda, including a planetary simulation!

Elegant Python Synthesizer

August 2020

Using functional programming fundamentals to make a synthesizer.

3D Printing with Mathematica

March 2020

A continuation of 3D Parametric Surfaces, but using Mathematica.

3D Parametric Surfaces with OpenSCAD

February 2020

Parametric vector tracing using OpenSCAD

Reproducing a Car Part (3D Printing)

February 2020

I reproduced an impossible to to find car part.

3D Printed Rockets

January 2020

Modeling, printing and launching disposable rockets.